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RIOS™ meets the Environmental and Health and Safety Management System requirements in R2, as well as the quality requirement in R2v3. 

Facilities that are certified to R2 or are pursuing R2 Certification receive the discounted membership rate.


RIOS™ is an accepted option for meeting the certified Environmental Management System Requirement in the e-Stewards Standard. 

Facilities that are certified to e-Stewards or are pursuing e-Stewards certification qualify for the discounted membership rate.


As the voice of the Recycling Industry, ISRI is a vital partner in the mission of RIOS™. Members of ISRI can take the great safety and environmental tools developed by staff and build their management system around them. All active ISRI members receive the discounted membership rate. 

Become a Partner

RIOS™ is a tool that can make the recycling industry better and stronger. By collaborating with associations, NGOs, and other certification programs, we can make RIOS more accessible, less expensive, and more widely recognizable across the entire recycling chain. Partnerships can vary in scope and design and are customized for each partner according to their mission and constituency. Please contact us to find out more about how your organization can be recognized as a RIOS™ Partner.