The RIOS™ Standard

A Framework for Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Recycling

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What is the RIOS™ Standard?

A RIOS™ management system is built and audited to the rules and requirements that are defined by the RIOS Standard. Each requirement of the standard is carefully crafted and designed to work in harmony, so that a properly implemented RIOS system works like a fine timepiece. The RIOS standard was written and developed by industry leaders and experts, and was built on the well-refined concepts of plan-do-check-act. The requirements contained with RIOS™ are not prescriptive, and do not tell you how to run your business, rather provide the blueprint for evaluating, understanding, and eliminating quality, environmental, and health and safety risk within your operation.  

Why Get certified?

Key Requirements in the RIOS™ Standard

Examples of Key Requirements in the RIOS™ Standard include:

  • The RIOS™ Footprint- Evaluations of Risks and Impacts
  • Development and Implementation of Operational Controls
  • Communication Procedures (Internal, External, with customers, etc)
  • Goal Setting and Continual Improvement
  • Processes for Monitoring and Measuring Effectiveness

The RIOS™ Standard is available at no cost. Members will recieve a licensed member copy of the standard as part of their membership packet. Visit the contact us page to request a non-member copy of the RIOS™ Standard.