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RIOS™ Member Levels

There are two distinct membership types that recyclers can choose from, depending on their purpose for adopting a RIOS management system. There is a Management Track Membership or a Certification Track Membership. Both membership types afford the facility rights to the RIOS Implementation Guide, trainings and events, and access to RIOS mentorship programs, but the Certification Track is the only path to a successful third-party audit and the right to advertise your company as a RIOS Certified Recycler.

Management Track Membership

The Management Track is for companies that are looking to make improvements to their health and safety and environmental performance, and become more consistent in their production, but may not have an immediate external driver pushing certification. This program affords the company the opportunity to begin the management system journey, and even implement a comprehensive RIOS system without the burden or pressure of obtaining a third-party audit and certification. A company in the Management Track cannot represent or advertise that they are RIOS certified, but can benefit their company by improving their QEHS Performance. Management Track Membership for the first facility is $1000 for the first year and $500 for each subsequent year.

Certification Track Membership

The Certification Track is designed for companies that wish to gain from both the improvements that come from a well-implemented management system, as well as the ability to advertise certification to RIOS. Whether it is to meet a supplier or customer requirement, to fulfill the EHS requirement of R2 or E-Stewards, or to save on insurance, certification has its benefits.  Certification Track Membership starts at $1250 annually for the first facility.

Upgrading Your RIOS™ Membership

Management Track members who seek to become certified may upgrade their membership from Management Track to Certification Track at any time after one year of membership has elapsed. The upgrade fee will be one year of Certification Member dues beginning for the current month, with prorated credit given for overlapping Management Track dues that have been unused. Management Track Members may not advertise, promote, suggest, or otherwise indicate conformance with the RIOS™ standard.

Certification Track members may downgrade their membership during their renewal process. Certification will be immediately suspended at that point.

Membership Track

All RIOS members receive the following benefits as part of their membership:

A licensed copy of RIOS™ for each member facility;

Access to the RIOS™ Implementation Guide;

Access to all RIOS™ training tools and events.

Certification Track

Certification Track Members receive all Membership Track benefits, PLUS:  

A certification license, allowing them to obtain third-party certification;

The right to advertise their certification (once complete) in accordance with the RIOS™ Logo Usage Policy.