It depends. The easiest way to understand that cost of certification is to think about three primary costs:

  1. RIOS™ Membership- This is a definite cost. To find out exactly how much RIOS™ certification is for your facility, apply now.
  2. Implementation- It takes time a resources to implement a management system. For facilities that choose to use a consultant, that will add costs into the process. Determining how much investment this will require depends on a number of factors, including the existence of effective safety programs, etc.
  3. Audit- The cost of a RIOS™ audit varies greatly depending on the complexities of any given operation. Due to its integrated approach, RIOS™ requires significantly less audit time (therefore less money) than any equivalent combination industry standards. For detailed information about the audit process and the associated costs, please reach out to one of the certification bodies that are accredited to certify facilities to RIOS.